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Hand-colored Lithographs

Started as N. Currier in 1834, the Currier & Ives firm is probably the best known lithographic printer in the United States. Calling themselves "the Grand Central Depot for Cheap and Popular Prints" they advertised their products as "colored engravings for the people." They produced most of the prints as black and white lithographs and then had the colors painted by hand. Currier & Ives' prints reflected the Victorian-era middle class sensibilities and interests. The prints depicted a variety of images of American life, including winter scenes, horse racing images, portraits of people, pictures of ships, sporting events, patriotic and historical events, - including ferocious battles of the American Civil War, the building of cities and railroads, and Lincoln's assassination.

seattle slew_bernard de clavierecloseup.jpg
by Bernard de Clavière
E_Troye_American Eclipse-1691.jpg
by Edward Troye
Falconer_PJ Mene_2.jpg
by Pierre-Jules Mêne