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Welcome to the Education page at the International Museum of the Horse.  


We would love to have your class visit our museum at the Kentucky Horse Park! If you would like to schedule a field trip, please complete a reservation form here:

School Trip Reservation Form


Would you like a self-guided tour of the museum with your class?

Use this "Fill in the Blank" worksheet and Answer Key to supplement your students' experience! 


Fill in the Blank
Fill in the Blank-Answer Key




IMH provides downloadable PDFs for use in the classroom and for the family. Organized by age range, these resources can be used as a supplement to curriculum or a wonderful lesson plan for a trip to visit our museum. We are always updating this site with more information for educators. If you would like to request a resource packet for your class, please contact the IMH Education Coordinator.


Bridle Anatomy Worksheet

Fox Hunting Explained

Horse Breeds Activity


Horses in Mythology

Breeds of the World Vocabulary

Saddle Anatomy Worksheet

Thoroughbred Life Cycle Activity

Transportation in Early America Activity

The Genetics of Horse Coat Color

History and Horses of Early Kentucky

Stage-coach Days in Kentucky History

The War Horse in Ancient Greece and Rome