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The exhibit Losing Ground: The Greatest Threat, sponsored by Equus Magazine and Equine Land Conservation Resource, is at the International Museum of the Horse. The exhibit provides a major opportunity to increase awareness and educate the public about the loss of horse lands, facilities and trails access in the United States. It demonstrates the value of the horse to our communities and culture, and what can be done to protect these assets, not only for horse land owners, equestrians and equine enthusiasts, but for communities and the nation as a whole. It brings home the imminent need to protect horse lands now, before it’s too late.

The exhibit consists of an extensive mural that dramatically shows the threat of unplanned development on existing horse lands. A video film, produced by Post Time Productions and developed by ELCR, is the visitor’s first view of the exhibit, which quickly draws the visitor into the story of American’s love for the horse and the threat to the very land needed to support our equine population. Three interactive kiosk stations allow the visitor to explore the following topic areas: why horses are ‘good neighbors’; loss of land and trails access; and a “call to action” what you can do to get informed, organize and advocate locally and nationally for protection of horse lands, facilities and trail access with the help and resources of ELCR.