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Support the International Museum of the Horse (IMH)


The support and involvement of the community allows the International Museum of the Horse to grow.  Help make it possible for the Museum to expand upon its mission and continue to educate the public about the relationship between horse and man.   Monetary gifts enable the Museum to continue to conserve and preserve the permanent collection, bring nationally-recognized traveling exhibits, as well as develop and present new programs.

Listed below is an example of projects that your philanthropy may support:

  • Design and Printing of Museum Visitor Maps
  • Gallery Benches
  • Educational Materials for Visiting Schools
  • Development and Creation of Teacher Packets
  • Children’s Discovery Zone Supplies
  • Conservation Materials to Sustain the Permanent Collection
  • Artifact Storage Shelving
  • Permanent Display Case Upgrades
  • Development and Installation of Permanent Exhibits
  • Conservation of the Carriage Collection
  • Acquisition of Original Artifacts to Improve Permanent Exhibits
  • Support the Scanning, Preservation, and Online Exhibit Development of Nearly 7,000 Negative Slides

The International Museum of the Horse invites you to join the effort to engage, inspire, and educate visitors about the past and future of the equine world. Please click the Donate Here button below to make your contribution through the Kentucky Horse Park Foundation.

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Donate to the Collection

Thank you for your interest in donating to the artifact collection of the International Museum of the Horse. The IMH strives to fulfill its mission through the development of the permanent collection and it is possible with donors like you. With each submission of possible items, the Museum conducts a review process. We ask that you fill out this downloadable pdf file and mail it to:

The International Museum of the Horse
Attn: Travis Robinson
4089 Iron Works Parkway
Lexington, KY 40511

or contact a member of the museum staff to receive more details on the process.  Thank you again for your generosity to the International Museum of the Horse.

Some items that are in particular interest are:

Sporting Art – Paintings, Sculpture, otherwise
Ancient Artifact pertaining to Equestrian Themes
Artifacts, Documents, or Photographs relating to the Kentucky Horse Industry
Unique Artifacts of Historical Equestrian Value

Steps for Donation Include:

Artifact Donation Form: This form can be found on the website or sent via email by an IMH staff person.  Please fill out this initial questionnaire.  Once received and reviewed, an IMH staff person will contact you.

Temporary Custody:  After the initial Artifact Donation Form as been reviewed by the IMH staff, the IMH staff person may contact you to bring in your item for further evaluation.  At this time paperwork is signed giving temporary custody but not transferring ownership to the museum.  Please be prepared to bring in any documentation (letters, photographs, receipts, etc.) that you feel is necessary to accompany the item.

Collection Review Committee:   All items offered as a gift to the International Museum of the Horse are voted on by the Collections Committee.  They review each item to insure that the item complies with the mission and vision of the museum’s future.  This committee meets monthly. 

Deed of Gift:  Each item that is accepted is issued a Deed of Gift.  This form gives written consent and transfers custody from you to the museum.  Once this form is signed by both parties ownership is legally transferred to IMH.

Common Questions:


If an item is not accepted by the museum, it will be returned back to the original owner and custody is released from the museum.  If the original owner would like information on other possible places to donate their item, the museum would be pleased to provide that information.

It is on rare occasion that the museum purchases items for the collection.  The item is still required to go through the same review process.

No, it is not within the professional code of the museum to provide insurance values for objects.  If you wish to have an item appraised the museum can provide a list of appraisers in the area.

No.  The acceptable loan period for any item is one, three, or five years.  After each loan period the loaner is contacted to either extend the loan, donate the item, or to have item returned.

Because of the sensitivities of each item, no item should ever be on permanent exhibit.  The museum rotates objects within each exhibit as appropriate.  This is why conservation and collection giving is just as important as donating an item.  The museum holds high standards for the preservation and storage of each item that is housed within the building. 

Legal ownership is transferred when an item is donated to the museum.  If you foresee you or your family wanting an item back, please consider the possibility of a loan.