Visitor FAQs

Can I bring food or drinks into the museum?

No, food and drinks are not allowed within the museum. Visitors are able to leave them at the docent desk in the lobby if purchased on the park. Water fountains are located near the restrooms.

I have a motorized wheelchair. Can I use it in the museum?

Visitors are allowed to use their personal motorized wheelchairs in the main exhibits within the museum.  They are not allowed in the Temporary Exhibit Galleries.  The Visitor's Center has non-motorized wheelchairs available.

Is my pet allowed in the museum?

We ask that you please keep all pets outside or in the lobby only.

Can I take photographs or video?

Photography and video is allowed within the permanent exhibits for personal use only; however, neither is permitted in the Temporary Exhibit Galleries. No tripods, standing lights, etc. are allowed.

Why is it so cold?

The museum is kept cool in order to care for the artifacts properly. Please plan accordingly.

Can I use my cell phone?

Please be considerate of other visitors. If it is necessary to make or answer a call, please do so outside the exhibit spaces.

Am I allowed to touch things within the museum?  

There are many hands-on activities in the museum so have fun and play, but please refrain from horse play and running! Please do not lean on display cases or touch artifacts that are behind ropes. The museum is an exciting place to learn and explore, so please be courteous to those around you. We want everyone to have an enjoyable experience. 

What about the sculpture outside?

In an effort to preserve each sculpture for future visitors we ask you to please not touch the sculptures outside. Even though they are outside, oil and moisture from hands are damaging. Please do not climb or sit on any sculpture inside or out.